Volunteering Activities

Volunteering abroad

We constantly promote exchange and support between the local culture and your culture.

As you might know, a lot of NGOs are based in Peru to support communities in need. You are between 18 and 75 y.-o.?

Your help will be most welcomed if you are interested in discovering Peru from the social point of view, and contributing some essential skills to the local population.

We have partnerships with 14 NGOs, covering a wide range of areas. We will always carefully match your interests and skills to the needs of the organizations we support.

Our Volunteer coordinator will make sure you’re having the experience you were looking for and will be in touch with you throughout all your community service.If you need an accommodation for your stay, we can provide you with housing in one of our a homestay families, or set you up in one of Centro Tinku’s mini appartments.

Feel free to select which type of project
you want to be involved in:

Basic education


  • Public elementary school
  • Participate in Teacher’s support, Language instruction, computers, music and arts, sports, etc.
  • Special Education Center (Sight-impaired children / Hearing impaired children / Down Syndrome Children / Children with Cerebral Palsy / Special needs children). Provide support in feeding, cleanliness, rehabilitation exercises and general care of children.


  • Nursery, there are around 30 children whose parents work and / or study all day : Support to teachers or childcare staff.

Young women

  • Shelter for teenagers who are domestic workers
  • Participate in monitoring workshops provided to adolescents and support in their academic tasks.


  • Shelter for teenage mothers and their small children
  • General care for young and older children. You will also be supporting kitchen staff during the daily food preparation.
  • Public school of primary education : Support to teachers in teaching English, art, computing and science.

Niños desvaforecidos

(falta contenido)


State-funded low-resource medical center : Basic support in: triage, preventive medicine, curative medicine, recuperative medicine, gynecology, obstetrics, nursing.
(Only for volunteers with training and professional experience).

Animal care

(falta contenido)


From April to December, in an ONG located in a protected area in the rainforest of Manu: Support in reforestation, flora inventory, tree planting, monitoring of tree growth, impact studies of fauna. Trail building. You will be helping the library staff to implement activities for children.


Shelter for the elderly people: General care, food providing, shelter, clothing and others.

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