in Cusco


If you are between the ages of 18 and 75, we offer you the opportunity to share in the life of a Cusco family on a daily basis. We make sure every one of our rigorously selected families will always look after you like one of their own members, providing your meals, sharing with you about their customs and culture, and including you in all families activities.

We always encourage that kind of total cultural immersion. We thus established a network of homestay families inCusco, in highlands communities nearby, on Lake Titicaca, and we’re glad to say the network is still expanding.

In Cusco, we choose families from the residential districts of the city to guarantee the best amenities (private bedroom, equipped bathroom with hot shower…). All homestay families live within two or three street blocks of each other in these middle-class areas. If you come in groups, you can thus visit each other and organize evening activities together.

We are also in contact with the best private clinics and English speaking doctors in Cusco in case you need any medical assistance. The host family or one of Centro Tinku’s staff members will always assist you if you need any medical care.

The homestay option is available with any activity we provide: Academic courses, volunteering, excursions, space rental …

Interview Of Some Of Our Homestay Mothers