Centro Tinku Cusco – Perú

Spanish Courses ONE TO ONE

Standard spanish

Develop your oral and written skills in a dynamic class environment. Up to 10 students per group. 20h/week

Survival Spanish for travellers


Ideal for students who have very little knowledge of Spanish, and little time to learn it. The classes are centered around practical situations (hotels, asking direcction, restaurant orders, clinics …). 20h/week

Spanish and ceramics

Learn Spanish at our Center and at a potter’s workshop where ceramics is taught in Spanish. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to complete your own piece of art !

  • Week 1: 20h of standard Spanish
  • Week 2: 10h of standard to technical Spanish + 10h of ceramic
  • Week 3: 20h of ceramics

Spanish and weaving

Learn Spanish while discovering the ancient Andean techniques in small weaving communities. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to complete your own piece of weaving !

    • Week 1 in Cusco: 20h of standard Spanish
    • Week 2 in Cusco: 10h of standard to technical Spanish + trip to the weaving museum
    • Week 3 in Chinchero*: 20h of textiles classes in one of the women’s weaver’s house

*Association «Loraypo» in Chinchero, a historic Inca village thirty minutes away from Cusco.

Class Packages

Private Spanish lessons..

  • Semi intensive (3 hours per day)
  • Intensive (5 hours per day)
  • Spanish + CERAMICS + Homestay – 3 w
  • Spanish + Weaving + Homestay 3 w

Spanish and Peruvian culture


Learn the techniques of the Incas, transmitted for generations since pre-colonial times. After a period of intensive language in our Center, you’ll learn the art of pottery or weaving taught by local experts.

Language and volunteering

In most of the service activities we offer, the ability to communicate in the local language is essential. In case you could feel a bit limited by your Spanish, we can provide a combined stay, where you will receive 3 hours of Spanish 5 times a week, for 4 weeks, for a total of 60 hours.

The classes will focus on direct communication skills and will thus consist in conversation, grammar and/or literature, according to the students’ needs. As far as volunteering is concerned, please refer to our Volunteer page (button below) to select the volunteering options we offer.

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Volunteers who decided to work in a Quechua speaking community will be offered our 4-week Beginner’s Quechua course, previous to starting the volunteering program. Optionally, you can also select our volunteer and language program that will provide language instruction throughout your period of volunteering

Profesional focus courses

1. Spanish for business
2. Spanish for medical purpose