Restaurant Cafe

Cafe Tinku

The restaurant of Centro Tinku


Cafe Tinku is our restaurant, located on the ground
floor of our facilities, and sharing the central patio with the rest of the Center

As the whole idea of Centro Tinku is the cultural exchange, the restaurant was created to mix French and Peruvian flavours. You can thus enjoy American coffee, as well as Té piteado, quiche and crêpes, or a French raclette prepared with Peruvian ingredients.

We always put the most important emphasis on the quality as well as on the quantity. Our staff and the restaurant itself make Cafe Tinku a very cosy and friendly place to stay, for breakfast in the morning, a drink in the afternoon or lunch and snacks.

The restaurant welcomes you between 8am and 4pm and has its own entrance from the street.



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Some of our dishes

French and Peruvian cuisine are the two best in the world. Come and try what it’s like to mix them!