Centro Tinku | Volunteer Programs
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Volunteer Programs

Centro Tinku offers volunteer service activities in:

We will carefully match your skills and interests to the needs of the organizations we support, and our Volunteer coordinator will be in touch with you throughout your community service period.

Combined Volunteering/Language Program

Our aim is the protection of traditional cultures of the Andes through shared experience and the diffusion of knowledge. In most of the service activities we offer, the ability to communicate in the local language is essential.

After a placement test to determine your level, you will receive 3 hours of Spanish 5 times a week, for 4 weeks, for a total of 60 hours. Classes will be in conversation, grammar and/or literature, according to the students’ needs.

Individuals who choose so can receive intensive Quechua classes instead of Spanish, at the same conditions.
* In order to take quechua classes, its indispensable to have an intermediate level of spanish due to the fac thtat, because of the special characteristics of the quechua language all gramatical explanations are in spanish.

Volunteers wanting to work in Quechua speaking communities will be offered our 4-week beginner’s Quechua course. We also run intermediate and advanced Quechua courses.

Homestay will be available through Centro Tinku in Cusco and most of the communities where our volunteering / service activities take place.