Centro Tinku | Language School
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Language School

Centro Tinku is proud of the quality and experience of its teaching staff. Our professors have been trained in the best teaching techniques in language instruction while at the same time they are attuned to the particular necessities and requirements of individual students.

The methodology used in our language courses focuses on communication in real situations, centering on face to face interactions, supported by audiovisual and web-based media.

Our programs are designed for the acquisition, build up and integration of language skills(listening, speaking, reading and writing) while stressing the specific needs of each student.

In addition, we can arrange courses in Latin American literature taught in Spanish by Centro Tinku’s professional staff and also courses in Oral Literature taught by local linguists and anthropologists.


Spanish is one of the most widely used languages in the world. It is the most commonly spoken in the Americas and its popularity has been steadily increasing. Inherited from the Spanish conquistadors who came to this continent in the 16th century, it is also the vehicle of rich iterary traditions in Latin America. For many, Spanish is the language of the future and an essential tool of communication.


Quechua was the language of the Incas and is still spoken by the indigenous populations of the Andes. Today, only in Peru, an estimated 5 million people speak Quechua as their first language. Quechua is also spoken in Bolivia and parts of Ecuador.

Its origin is unknown and its lexical basis and linguistic structure unlike any Indo-European language. It is exceptionally suited for poetry and songs, and possesses a wonderful melody and rhythm