Centro Tinku organizes academic and cultural programs for study abroad for American and European universities and schools, always prioritizing the originality of each program and the specific requirements of each group.

We manage the logistics of the program from beginning to end, and offer the student language classes (Spanish and/or Quechua), Andean cultures, literature, arts, sustainable economy or environmental management, etc.

One of our main objectives is to encourage and facilitate cultural relations with the people of Cusco and of the Andes.


Our academic courses

  • Intensive Spanish and Quechua
  • Archaeology and Architecture
  • Anthropology and History
  • Andean Culture
  • Paleography
  • Economy and Local Development
  • Ecology
  • Plastic Arts and Art History
  • Literature and Poetry
  • Others
Our instructors are all locally-based experts, able to lecture in English and /or Spanish.
Other cultural activities
  • Weaving workshops
  • Traditional medicine workshops
  • Celebrations and rituals
  • Archaeology practicum
  • Dance
  • Andean music
  • Pottery classes

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