Centro Tinku | Homestay
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Central to our philosophy, is the idea of total cultural immersion through individual stays in selected Peruvian homes. For this, Centro Tinku has established networks of homestay families in Cusco, as well as in indigenous villages in the Andean highlands and in communities on Lake Titicaca, and is currently working on expanding those networks. This means that we can offer students the opportunity to live fully within the local culture and be immersed in the language (Spanish or Quechua), while benefiting from the relative comfort and security provided by closely selected and monitored families.

In Cusco, we have established groups of families in the residential districts of the city. This guarantees that the students will be housed in homes with a minimum of amenities (private bedroom, equipped bathroom with hot shower…). All homestay families live within two of three street blocks of each other in these middle class areas. Students can visit each other and organize their evening activities together.

We work with English speaking MDs, and have made contacts with the best private clinics in Cusco where students will be taken if needed. We recommend all students carry travel insurance.

Other accommodations

We can also reserve rooms in hotels and hostels according to your preferences.

Independent student accommodations

Tinku can also offer limited accommodation inside our Center, where we have the option of a furnished apartment and a studio-loft available on demand.

Check availability at info @ centrotinku.com